Friday, March 4, 2011


           There are two things people need to know to feel like their life is worthwhile. They need to know that what they do matters and that they are loved. They will only know this for certain if you tell them. There are a few people who have high self confidence that need very little reinforcement and who are self motivated. Even those however, would achieve greater things faster, if someone told them how good of a job they were doing. Your love and praise also endures people to you. They will love, support, and edify you as well.
          This blog is a great example. Of course writing it is helping me maintain a positive thought process. Mostly however, I do it to get followers. I want followers so I can pass that thought process onto them. I also want them because I crave edification. I want people to tell me I helped them. I want people to be proud of me for insightful remarks. I say this without guilt because everyone wants to know that what they do matters!
          If a random stranger finds my blog through google and follows it, I get a sense of accomplishment. If they make a nice comment, it fills me with pride and excitement. If my mother follows my blog I feel humble and satisfied. I feel inspired in all areas of my life by or because of that edification. I want to take on harder and bigger challenges. So if you are proud of someone be sure to tell them. It can mean the world to them! If you love someone, say it! That simple statement can empower someone to achieve amazing things!