Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Company Slogans

          Adverstising often uses the power of words to reach customers. Some companies understand customers very well and know how to appeal to them.  Here are some of the most insightful ones. I have grouped them according to the part of their customers to which they appeal.        
          Many of the technology companies have slogans about dreams and imagination. Some examples are  Agilent: "Dreams Made Real", Anritsu: "Discover What's Possible", and Cadence: "How Big Can You Dream?".  
          Many companies also paint an image of excellence. Some examples are  Airbus: "Setting the Standards", Ball Corporation: "The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems", BP Microsystems: "Setting the standard in Device Programming", and Cingular Wireless: "Raising the Bar". This is a very good slogan because it also plays on the multiple meanings of the word bar. Meaning both a long straight piece of material and bars that measure cell phone signal strength. 
          Other companies play on the fact that we have become a "microwave nation". We want what we want and we want it, and we want it NOW! Here are some examples Cisco Systems: "This is the Power of the Network. Now.", Dell Computer: "Get More out of Now",  Intersil: "Technology at the Speed of Life", and Thor Labs: "Photonics in the Fast Lane". 
          Other companies play on our dreams of a high tech future like The Jetsons. For example Ericsson: "Taking You Forward", Ford: "Built for the Road Ahead", IDT: "Powering What's Next", and Micron: "The Future of Memory".   
          Some companies understand the human need to be in control and make you feel they offer you just such control.  Companies like AMX: "It's Your World. Take Control", AT&T: "Your World. Delivered", General Dynamics: "Strength On Your Side", IFI: "The Power of Choice", Lockheed Martin: "We Never Forget Who We're Working For", RCAT Systems: "You push the limits. We measure it.", Vodafone: "How Are You?", and Verizon Wireless: "Can You Hear Me Now? Good.".
          Other companies focus on offering you simplicity. For example Linx Technologies: "Wireless Made Simple", Philips: "Sense and Simplicity", and vidaRF: "Simple Solutions for Complex Connections".
          Some companies have begun to understand the power of social networking and gear their advertising to promote networking and connections. Some examples are Linksys: "At Linksys - We are making connectivity easier", MegaPhase: "Our Customers Connect With Us™", and Nokia: "Connecting People".
          All these companies have been successful because they understood that words had power. They knew that, for example, the humor of the Verizon, "Can you hear me now?" slogan would stick in your head. They knew you would joke with friends about it. They were counting on it! They spend big bucks paying people to tell them how to get in your head. Words, slogans, and especially catchy jingles have the power to put any company in the front of your mind. With most people the brand they think has the most name recognition is the brand they consider to be the most used, best quality, and most trust-worthy brand.  I mean who doesn't remember, "doublemint, doublemint, go on and double it.."? Or "Always coca-cola..!" Or even, "My bologna has a first name. It's O-S-C-A-R...Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A."? If it wasn't for that jingle I would not know how to spell bologna! 
          The point as always is folks, WORDS have power! Learn how to harness that power and use it to your advantage!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March's Word of the Month: ABSOLUTE

          ABSOLUTE means certain, positive, and not limited by restrictions.  This is one of the most powerful words I know.   I have said many times that you speak what you want into your life. To be able to speak those things you have to know ABSOLUTELY what it is you want in life.
          There is nothing that will make your life easier and bring you more peace than to be ABSOLUTELY positive about what your purpose is for living.  When you know what you are trying to achieve you make decisions based on whether they take you closer to or farther from your goal.  Suddenly you don't have to stress over decisions!
          ABSOLUTE also means not limited by restrictions. I love this word because it gives you freedom! When you are ABSOLUTE, you are determined to achieve something despite ALL obstacles.  Being ABSOLUTE means that you refuse to entertain the idea of failure. That gives you a huge sense of freedom. It makes choices and options seem possible that before seemed crazy. When you are ABSOLUTE you are looking for those options and the things you are looking for seem to present themselves. For example, let's says that you just bought a new Subaru Forester.  You may not have known anyone with this car. You may not remember seeing any in your town. However, as soon as you buy the car it is in the front of your thought process.  Now everywhere you go you keep seeing people with a Subaru Forester.  The same is true with goals.  If they are in the front of your thought process, ways to achieve them will appear before you!
          The key to ABSOLUTENESS is knowing that what you want is so strong of a desire that you would do anything for it. That you would sacrifice now to have this later. You have to know that is an easy sellout appears that you won't take it.  ABSOLUTE means concrete or root deep certainty that you will accept no alternative! People are drawn to someone that is in the hunt! Someone with that gleam in their eye that says I'm chasing a dream!
          Do you have something in your heart worth fighting for with ABSOLUTENESS?