Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season..of Words!

          Christmas is about so many things. It is about Christ being born. It is about the joy of giving being greater than receiving.  It is about sharing time with loved ones.  It is about eating, singing, and being merry.  God says He wishes above all things that would be prosperous. He also inhabits the praises of his people. Christmas is all about being prosperous and giving back to others. It is about praising God and thanking him for the family and friends in your life.
          All these things we do during this season revolve around our words.  To celebrate the birth of Christ many people read the story of his birth from the bible.  You tell loved ones that you love them. You eat and laugh together. You sing christmas carols and decorate trees. You may do like me and turn the lights off at night and stare at the lit tree. Sometimes I curl up with my brother, tell him I love him, and talk about how pretty the tree looks. You sing songs and pray over dinner, praising God in the process.  You bake pies and cookies and spend time with family cutting up in the kitchen. You tell stories of crazy things you did in the past. You go to bed on Christmas eve thinking about the day you will spend together and if your mom will like her present.  Words allow you to express all that holiday spirit you are feeling inside.
          So this Christmas remember the power of words. Also feel free to comment and tell me about your favorite part of Christmas or any of your special family traditions. Merry Christmas!