Thursday, June 30, 2011


          Do you have a full length mirror in your home? This can be a powerful tool when it comes to speaking things into your life. Lets say you want to be in shape and feel attractive. As you work out it helps to be able to see your whole body start to change. Tell yourself in a mirror all the things you love about your body. Work on making the bad places better. Everyday acknowledge that work and imagine that part of you when you finish. Even if you don't immediately see results, it is good to just see yourself smile as you imagine that better future.
          You can look in the mirror and say you are what ever it is you want to be. Say it with boldness! Say it loudly! You will feel your heart speed up. It will motivate you to take action. I look in the mirror and tell myself, "I am a buff, bad to the bone, kick butt lady!" I am losing weight and gaining muscle everyday. Wonder why?
          When I was younger I used to imagine myself as a character with super human abilities from one of my favorite science fiction shows. Now when I day dream I go in front of the mirror and start acting out scenes from my life in 5 years.  Do you know what you want to be doing in 5 years? Will you still be at the same job? Will you live in the same city? Is that good or bad?
          I do say things that are negative in the mirror as long as I follow them with good things. For example, I have a really hard time being consistant about calling and seeing family and friends. I have been doing better recently. I've made more of an effort and I schedule phone calls in my calendar. I have trouble keeping the house work caught up. I've learned that dishes need to be done the same night you cooked/ate on them. I've also learned that laundry can be done while you do other things. Now I just have to learn to hang clean clothes and not pile them in the bedroom floor. (Dirty clothes do actually make it to the hamper in the hall.) I stood in front of the mirror, embraced the embarrassment, and admitted that I am not productive with a month. I am not productive with a week. But a wise man showed me that I can rock a day! I made a promise to myself in that mirror to rock a day. To set no more than 5 objectives a day and to blow them out asap. Then I can enjoy the rest of my day.
          A mirror can show you your faults. It can even show you your future if you have the eye to see it. Most importantly I mirror can show your beauty! So take a good long look...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poll Results

          So I wanted to see how so peeps felt about prayer. Prayer is a powerful use of words. It is powerful because those prayers can be answered. It is powerful because of the peace it can bring the one who prays. But it is also powerful because the evidence of it's power can effect others. It inspires people. It can make them fearful or joyful.
At public athletic events?

Anywhere in public as long as not making others pray

In privacy of home and at church
In schools
Anywhere but in the schools

          Only two people answered the poll. Both chose "Anywhere in public as long as not 
making others pray.  This is not the amount of participation I was hoping for in a poll. I 
will be continuing to post polls. Hopefully they next one will get better results. Feel free 
to comment.