About Me

          Here are some more details about me. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I love that! I love hiking and camping. When I was a little girl I was always making mud pies, crushing berries that would cure cancer, and climbing trees!
          I was an only child until I was 12. my parents thought another kid would save their marriage. But it didn't. The divorced when my brother, Curtis was 2. My dad soon married again to a woman at work. I gained two step sisters, Ashley and Samantha. Not long after they were married they had a child named Haley. The ironic part is that my mom also quickly remarried. I went away for awhile and came back to be told that we were moving in with her new husband. Mom got pregnant at the same time as my stepmom. She gave birth to my new half brother Casey. When I say they were pregnant at the same time, I mean that they gave birth the same day. Haley and Casey were born just an hour or so apart. My new step dad also had 2 children. So now I had more step siblings. A sister named Nicki and a brother named Jeff. Mom is still married but my dad did not stay married this second time either. He had jumped out of the pot into the frying pan and this divorce left him severely burned. He swore that he would never marry again. He met a nice woman who had made a similar vow. They dated a long time. But one day they did actually get married. I gain 2 more stepsisters, Ashley and Allison. I was in my 20's and thought I had all the siblings I would ever have. My new stepmom was about to start menopause. Little did we all know that when you start menopause you have a small window of time where you are incredibly fertile. Next thing I know I have a new brother named Blake! I have a huge and complicated family but I love them and try to spend time with them all!
          I just got married.  I cannot wait to be able to start a family of my own! When I do have kids I will be home schooling them.
          I am an Amway IBO and an LTD member. I think their products are the best and the LTD team has taught me many things about life. They have renewed my faith in America and gave me a dream for the future.  It was that dream that inspired me to start this blog.
          I have been writing poetry as long as I can remember. Some of my best stuff came out in one big flowing wave. I just picked up a pencil and the words came out the other end. That is part of why I feel I was lead to write by God. It feels like they are part of my soul but I never formed the ideas. They just came to me. I also have a page featuring my poetry. You should check it out.
          I read lots of books. I read pretty much when ever I am not working or writing. I read all sorts of things. I love to read other poetry. I love murder mysteries! I used to read one particular author's romance novels. He name was Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I love the "In Death" series by J.D. Robb, who is actually Nora Roberts.  I love self help books. I am compiling a list of some of my favorite books for a post. But I also listed a few in a post as holiday gift ideas. I also like the novel series Harry Potter and The Inheritance series.
          I am also I huge Sci-Fi geek. I love Stargate everything! I was an Star Trek girl. No offense to all those Star Wars fans out there. I just grew up with more of the first. It was breed into me by my dad. Star Wars is still really good too! I'm also and Anime geek. I love everything Japanese really! I am learning the language. I want to go to Japan. I have been to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA several times. I have meet several people from Stargate and Firefly! I have meet the guys that played the original hulk and Batman. I meet the weird guy from Police Academy that make all the sound effects!
          I am a Christian. Specifically I am Babtist. I was raised in a non-denominational church. I now go to The Rock in Asheville, NC. I was raised christian and I believed in God but did not start a relationship with him until about 2 years ago. I was babtised a few months later at The Rock.
          I think I have shared a lot with you. If you still want to know more About Me, check out my Facebook. Just click my picture aND IT WILL LINK TO MY FACEBOOK. If you look for the Like button on my page, you will find my name next to it. It links straight to my profile on Facebook as well.
          Here are some pictures of me with my family and friends! :

(From Left To Right) This is Allison, Haley with Blake, Dad, Curtis, and Me!

This is Blake and Dad playing guitar!

This is my Uncle Johnny, Dad, My Nanny (Dad's Mom), and my Aunt Lana!

This is Casey being a camera hog and my Mom!

This is Casey getting some really expensive basketball shoes!

This is my stepdad Dale and Curtis playing with remote control cars!

This is Dad and Haley!

This ia my cousin Jonathan, my other cousin Jason, Mow-Mow, and Me!

This is me, Curtis, allison, my stepmom Tami (pregnant with Blake), and Dad!