Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Word of the Month: ABUNDANCE

          ABUNDANCE is such a powerful word! Even as I began to write this post I was feeling very unhappy. I felt as if I had an abundance of negative things in my life. I sat down and thought, "How do I write on this word when I don't feel I have it?"
          Then I went out on my porch and started listening to the birds chirp and I watch the morning mist literally roll by the door.  I remembered that it was Easter and what the holiday is celebrating. It's about the death and resurrection of Chist. God sent his only son to die for us. That reminded me of his love and how it says in the bible that God wants us to prosper and live a life of ABUNDANCE. Then I thought about all the blessings I have in my life. I thought about my awesome husband! I thought about our recent trip to Boone, NC to stay with friends Joseph and Misty Quattlebaum.  The trip was lots of fun! But it would have been boring without the company of such wonderful friends! I thought about the friends I'm going to see today. Friends that were more comforting than family when my dad passed and I fell apart! Truely I have an abundance of blessings in my life! The small stuff is really just small stuff. In five years it will not matter. But the good will still be there.
          ABUNDANCE is a powerful word! We all need to learn to see that ABUNDANCE of blessings in our life. I don't just mean at Thanksgiving, but everyday! Here is another key to harnessing the power of the word ABUNDANCE.  If you generally see that glass as half full. If you generally see the good in all things. You will generally find the good in all things. When all things are good, you have an ABUNDANCE, because it is all things! So right there is a daily action plan to harness the power of the word ABUNDANCE. Start looking daily at things and people with a positive attitude. Find the good in them until truely your cup runneth over!