Monday, January 31, 2011



 Friends have a special power in their words. Their relationship with a friend gives their words an even greater power. A lie will cut more deeply. The truth may be hard to hear. It may hurt to realize. But it is more easily heard from a friends lips. Like medicine being given by a loving mom.
          As a friend you can see the other person more clearly than others. As a friend you want to help the other person. You feel a duty to tell them the truth. But at as a friends you also should and want to build up their confidence. To speak positive into them until they find peace with and confidence in themselves. You speak positive into their life because you want it to manifest and be true. But you also speak it into their life because you believe in them and believe it must already be true.
          When you really care about someone and you see that what you said helped them, changed their life, you feel one of the greatest joys that exists. When you help others find the purpose for their life, when they feel their life matters, you feel as if your life matters.


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