Monday, January 10, 2011

Wealth vs. Lack

          There are two ways that you can look at life. You can either see the glass half empty or half full. Most people already know this phrase. What the don't know is, which ever way you see the glass is the glass from which you will drink.
          Have you ever bough a new car, let's say a Subaru Outback, then it seems like you see them everywhere you go? Whatever you focus on is what you will receive. Whatever you speak will come into existence. If you say that you are broke and think of yourself, which is saying inside your head, as broke, you will be broke. If you think of yourself as richly blessed, you will be.
          Many people are overweight and out of shape. Many of those same people know that it is unhealthy and that they should change. But they are comfortable. They like eating pasta and cheesecake. It is much easier to sit at home and watch tv while eating Doritos. Frankly, while they know they should care about being healthy, they don't really care. They have accepted themselves as being that weight and accepted that lifestyle. As long as they see themselves that way, they will remain that weight. It is the vision of a skinny healthy person with a completely different lifestyle they must see before they will change. 
           Whatever you see, say, think, and focus on is what you will have. You can see the glass half empty or you can have a blessed life. Chose your words carefully!

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  1. I like this post a lot. You've made a perfect example through your car scenario. Whatever we focus on that is what we will receive. This why in all things, we must have the correct focus and always look at the positive future ahead of us.