Monday, January 17, 2011


          Have you ever been working and suddenly a song pops into your head. You may singing one line over and over or it may be the whole song. When this happens people have all kinds of ways to get rid of the song. Some people have to find the song and listen to it. Some people have to listen to lots of other songs. One friend of mine says he can't ever get rid of the last song he heard that morning. Therefore, he intentionally picks what song to listen to last. He hopes that it will be the one he repeats all day.
          This is a silly example, but what you hear can never be unheard. What you hear is absorbed at a subconscious level. Even if you listen to a song while you are washing dishes and not paying much attention, your body remembers. You could easily be singing it later and wondering where and when you heard it recently.
          Music usually affects your mood as well. So if your mind is replaying moody and depressed music, you will be depressed. Many people today buy relaxation cd's with soft sounds of the earth to help them fall asleep and sleep deeply. This is because the music affects the way they feel and makes them drowsy. It also continues to affect them on a subconscious level in their sleep.
          I personally recall when I first started my job and sitting in the break room. It was full of people complaining. All that negativity would upset me. After awhile of working there, I noticed that the break room did not bother me as much. Slowly a friend began to point out my thought process. I began to realize that I had become much more negative. Hearing all of those complaints had subconsciously affected me. Now if I sit in the break room I try to be a voice of positive.
          I have also personally been watching what I let myself hear. I listen to cd's in the car that are from inspirational people like John Maxwell. I let myself constantly hear things that grow me as a person. At home when I'm doing house work, I listen to inspirational music. Songs with lyrics like, "tonight's going to be a good night" or songs like "Ride of Your Life" from "What A Girl Wants."
          So remember that just as much as what you say and see will manifest in your life, so will what you hear.  

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