Monday, January 31, 2011

Ward Off Illness

          I personally believe that your words have the power to heal. This subject however is the cause of much debate. You guys can hash this out in the comment section. However, I believe that you can speak things into existence. Of course a big part of the debate on this is that for many people the belief is tied to a strong belief in God. I am a christian and I believe God can heal anything. I don't believe that He always chooses to, no matter how hard we pray. My dad was sick with Lou Gehrig's and my grandmother said if he prayed and had faith he would be healed. My dad told her that he had asked to be healed and God had clearly said no. I don't think that comment was angry just resolved.
          However, many people have had miracles happen to them. I will give you one example that happened to people I know. The first was a mom who just gave birth to her second child. Her first child was a few years old and able to talk. This little girl had been told that God existed and prayed but had not went to church or sunday school. She did not know who Jesus was or is at all. When the mom went to wash dishes, she took the newborn in a carrier and sat her in the kitchen floor. The first born girl was running through the house and into the hall. All this seems normal but there was a problem. Let me back up a little. When the newborn was first home and in the crib, there was a loud crash. Something broke. The mom ran into the room expecting to see a rudely awakened baby screaming. Instead she found the baby fast asleep. Later a relative came to visit and started calling out the babies name as soon as she entered the room. The baby did not turn her head. The relative hid behind the baby and spoke into each ear. The baby did not move. Only when the relative moved into the babies sight did it react. The mom finally decided that she had to take the baby to a hearing doctor. But she allowed no one in the family to speak what might be wrong. She would not allow the family to call any relatives and tell them. When she went to the doctor she told him if something was wrong he had to tell her without saying it. After the exam the doctor came in, slowly sat down. and sighed. When he looked at the mom all he said was, "why don't you come back in a few weeks." The mom knew what this meant but didn't voice it. At home no one spoke it. Now go back to the mom washing dishes. The baby is in the floor. The oldest girl is running through the room and into hall. After a moment the oldest girl comes back into the kitchen. She walks up to the baby. She puts her hands on the babies ears. Then she says, "By His stripes you are healed!" She kisses the baby on the head and runs back into the hall. The mom hearing this is startled and yells out the oldest girls name. The baby jerks and starts to cry. The mom picks up the baby to comfort her and runs after the oldest girl. The mom asks why the oldest girl did that to the baby. The oldest girl says there was a man in the hall that told her to do it. She says his name was Jesus. The next doctor's appointment the baby was declared perfectly healthy.
          Can words heal? Can not speaking a sickness prevent or reverse it? Is God somehow involved in the process? I don't have all the answers. Still, there are enough of these stories that I live healthy and say, "I never get sick. I will be 80 years old and climbing mountains! You are only as old as you feel."

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