Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Words of the Month: CAPACITY and POTENTIAL

The word CAPACITY means the ability to receive or hold. It also means the power to learn or retain knowledge. It means the POTENTIAL for growth, development, or accomplishment. Which is why when we talk about CAPACITY we should also talk about POTENTIAL. POTENTIAL means the CAPACITY for growth and development. You have the CAPACITY to grow and learn anything! What gifts you do not already possess your can receive as gifts from God. You can learn the things needed to reach your goals. Or people who have those gifts can be placed in your life. People think when you say, " You can do anything!" Or "Your dreams can come true!" that it means now or never. They think either they are fully capable now to do what they desire or they just don't have the ability. For example, my dream is to teach people to cook. I know nothing about how to start a class. I know none of the laws or regulations involved. I know nothing about how to advertise the class. I don't have the ability to start a cooking class. However, I know someone that is starting a small food related business that has told me about a class on USDA regulations. I can do research online. I know how to call a local college with a culinary program. Once I expressed interest in this goal. People who knew helpful things started to appear in my life. Reaching a goal or dream should take time. Part of what makes it so satisfying is the knowledge of your struggle to victory! Don't let the process intimidate you out of reaching your dreams! Rejoice in your POTENTIAL to develop into the person who does what you dream! Walk tall knowing you have the CAPACITY to achieve greatness!


          I aplogize. I just got a new tablet. It is the Asus Transformer. It has a writing application called Supernote. I am trying to write a post in it and import it to blogger. However at this time I am unable to figure out how this is done. As soon as I make sense of this I will post my next Word of the Month.
          I appreciate your patience. Also, I am reading a great book!, It's called Chicken Soup for the Soul:Think Positive. I am going to be doing a series of posts on the awesome lessons I am learning from it!
          Thanks for reading! See you soon!