Sunday, December 12, 2010

Old MySpace Blog

          I had a blog on myspace but now I can't get into my account. I wanted people to be able to see the last post on myspace. So I am copying and pasting the content here.

          I think people have changed their perception of America. It was intended to be inclusive and tolerant of everyone. People that needed to seek refuge could find a safe place to rebuild their life.  They could practice their religion and we could practice ours. We were supposed to be a big pot of vegetable soup. Each ingredients different but coming together to make something good.  Now we see ourselves as m & m"s.  All those colors but when they go into the melting pot they blend and all you see is milk chocolate. We think if we see someone praying to a God we don't worship in public that they must be stopped so we all blend. Or that they are trying to impose those beliefs on us. We were intended to be a country of vegetable soup with all kinds of different cultures and religions present. Saying people can't show their religious beliefs in public is like vegetable soup broth without any vegetables.  Without the vegetables the soup is bland and isn't nutritious. Just like you get different and good things (nutrients) out of each vegetable, you get different and good things from each culture and religion that influences the country. 

Hope you enjoyed it! I am not sure how often I will be posting. Part of me wants to have a set time. Part of me thinks that I will just forget or that I won't know what to write. So for now I'll just write when I have something on my mind. See you soon!

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  1. Good post! Glad to see you Blogger! Hope you get lots of readers and followers!