Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Not A Lie

          There are three parts of speaking that are hard to grasp. One is to always talk about where you are going. Talk about what you have, not what you want. The second part is to talk in the present tense. The last part is not just hard to do but essential. Let me explain.
          Some people can't understand speaking they are in shape when they are out of shape. I had trouble with this when I first started speaking against some of my worst demons. People would coorrect my speech and I would cry, "But, it's a lie!" I have since realized that speaking is not a lie. It is a prayer. It is you having faith in God and in yourself that things will be.
          Speaking in the present tense is really important. Suppose you say, "I will be active and healthy." You just implied that you are not healthy now. You also just put the completion of the goal off another day. You have given yourself a free pass to eat unhealthy today. How many times have you said you will do something and never got around to it? Now suppose you say, "I am active and healthy." You are more likley to say yes when asked to go for a walk. You are likely to eat healthy. You will act healthy now and get healthy faster.
          These two parts of speaking are vital if you want to speak things to life. But the last part is the most difficult to grasp. FAITH. If you don't force yourself to believe what you speak it won't come to be. Get mad if you have to! Yell it in a mirror! Just beat it in hard and loud enough to drown out any doubt or negative voices! Consistancy is a key. Say it over and over to yourself till it jumps off your lips. Then you'll see exponential results!

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