Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Word of the Month: ACTION

          ACTION means the state or  process of acting or doing. It means habitual or vigorous activity. It is defined simply as combat but also as important or exciting work. Action is a word of great power because it is something you can control. You and you alone decide how you will ACT and react to things. There are always circumstances in life but we decide how to react to them. It is simply a decision to stand still or move forward.
          ACTION truly is a process. Nothing worth having was ever easy to obtain. You take repeated small ACTIONS that add up to a larger result. You eat right each day and exercise each day or week to lose weight, for example. It is the ACTION that you take that makes the result rewarding and appreciated.
          ACTION is often habitual. Habits reveal the character, values, and goals of a person.  Your repeated ACTION suggests your priorities.  A person that wants to be healthy makes a habit of going to the gym. A person that makes there garden a priority every day, takes ACTION and weeds it daily.
          ACTION is defined as important or exciting work.  Every ACTION you take is extremely important! Every decision you make will effect you the rest of your life. You will have feelings about whether or not you took the proper ACTION. Those thoughts form your self image. They determine how your decide to ACT later. Who you are and how you are perceived by others is shaped by your ACTIONS. Besides if you are going to take ACTION, taking important and sometimes difficult ACTION, makes life more significant and fulfilling!      
           My favorite definition of ACTION is combat!  If you are taking important ACTION, then you are truly in combat. You are fighting for your principles and to kill your comfort zone. It is often hard to do what is right. It is usually not the easiest course of ACTION, but it is the right one. I dont know anyone that doesn't want to feel that their life meant something and/or that someone will remember them. People usually say they want to feel they, "made a mark on the world." You have a life of significance like that by being strong enough to take the hard ACTION consistently!

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