Monday, July 18, 2011

Are You A Wisher Or A Dreamer?

          I know that just recently I posted talking about the wisdom in a post on a blog called Positively Present. Most people would find it odd that I would send you to another blog. But I don't post to just to get traffic on my site. I post because I want to help people. Wisdom should be shared. So once again I am going to send you to check out a post by Positively Present. It is called Break the Spell of Someday.

"Was I, just like Snow White before she bit into the apple, sinking my teeth into the idea that all my dreams will come true... someday? Do I, like the raven-haired beauty, spend more of my timewishing than actually doing? After all of my years studying fairy tales, criticizing these silly little women who believed someone would rescue them, was I, in fact, just as bad, sitting around wishing and hoping and dreaming? How many of us are wishing for something without actually doing anything about it?"

"Someday. That should be four letter word in my life.."

          If I could, I would go back in time for each person, find them as a kid, and tell them over and over that they can do anything! I would tell them that all it takes to reach their dreams is a plan and the discipline to take consistent action! I would never let them push their dreams off with the word "someday." If you are not in the pursuit of a worthwhile dream or goal, you are not living. You are merely existing. (That totally sounds like something I read in A Purpose Driven Life. So if I am plagiarizing it, so sorry to the author. It is true though!) So ask yourself, are you a wisher or a dreamer...? 

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