Saturday, July 9, 2011

Positively Present Quote

          This is a quote from a blog I follow called Positively Present.  The post is called "A Vacation State of Mind." This is the wisest thing I have heard said on a blog.  The writer is about to take a vacation in England, a foreign country. "This vacation will be a test for me, I know. I will be out of my comfort zone. I will be in situations where I have very little control. But you know what I can be comfortable with and in control of? My state of mind. Today I'm choosing to let go -- to put worries away -- and embrace a vacation state of mind." She simply makes a choice...A wise man once told me that choosing how to think is as simple as looking left or looking right.
          Whenever I worry about something I stop and ask myself a question. "Will it matter in 5 years?" If it won't matter then, it probably isn't worth all that mental energy. If that doesn't work then I ask myself, "What is the worst thing that could happen?" Then I answer the question. Let me give you an example. I sell really expensive stuff and lots of people have access to it. Co-workers are not always as honest as I am. So I do a daily inventory of the merchandise.  If something was to go missing my boss says that will keep me from getting in trouble. If the owner decided they had to let someone go over stolen merchandise, they would either fire me or my boss. Which do you think is more likely? I could worry about things being stolen. I could worry about losing my job. Maybe something would be stolen and my boss would call me to the office.  I could be biting my nails in fear that they would let me go. I could tell myself that in this recession I'll never get a new job. I could go in that office expecting to be let go. OR I could decide that even if I was let go, I am confident and capable of getting another job. I could decide that if I have to go on unemployment or move in with parents for a short time, I will find a job quickly. I could decide to expect to be thanked for my good record keeping. I could be told that is was that record keeping that allowed them to determine the shift on which the merchandise went missing and recover it.  I could decide that I control my attitude and my actions!

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