Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Countering Negative Thought

          When you hear yourself think or say a negative thought, immediately contradict yourself. If someone else says something negative about you, say that you refuse that statement. Tell them and yourself the opposite!
          Here are some examples of common negative thought processes and their counter statements. They seem small and harmless, but they hurt your self-image more than you realize! They also affect your attitude and even your health!

I'm not good with names.---------------------------------I have become an expert at remembering everyone's name!

It's one of those days.--------------------------------------I am blessed and highly favored by God!

I always get a cold this time of year.--------------------I am in better shape than anyone I know!

I'm always broke at the end of the month.-------------I  am blessed with great wealth. Everything I need will be provided by the grace of God!

That's just my luck.----------------------------------------I control my life by the actions I take and the attitude I choose to have.

I'm so clumsy.-----------------------------------------------I am graceful and well coordinated!

I never have enough time.--------------------------------I have plenty of hours in a day and my schedule reflects my priorities.

I just don't have the patience for that.------------------I am patient because I know that there are no emergencies!

That really makes me mad.-------------------------------I can only control two things, my attitude and my actions.

I'd like to stop smoking, but just can't.-----------------I can do anything I decide to. All it takes it consistant daily action!

I just don't have the energy I used to.------------------I have plenty of energy. I eat and sleep right. My passion gives me fuel to spare!

I lose weight but then I gain it back again.-----------I maintain a healthy weight because I consistently remember what I want most instead of what I want now.

You can't trust anyone anymore.-----------------------You attract what you are not what you want. You attract people who are like you not like what you want to be.

I'm always late.--------------------------------------------I am always on time. People always compliment me on and respect me for being on time, if not early, to everything I do!

          I learned all of these things from reading business and personal growth books. These are true success principles from some experts on the subject. I would greatly recommend that people trying to grow personally read some of these books. I have read everything by Og Mandino. I am reading and listening constantly to John Maxwell. I love Robert Kiyosaki. The point is many people read books everyday. But you have to apply it and some of that stinks. It is uncomfortable to be out of your comfort zone. It takes effort to change a thought process you have had for years. But, some of the phrases above have given me a great deal of peace and joy in my life. I hope they can bring that same peace and joy to you!

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