Friday, November 4, 2011


           Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, is a serious medical condition and with biological factors. Mostly it effects your thought process.  Serious emotional problems can trigger some OCD compulsions. Emotional problems also cause the compulsions to worsen. Many people with OCD can live happy and productive lives with medication and/or therapy.
          The thing that makes this disorder so difficult to manage is that tape of thoughts that runs through your mind over and over. People with OCD have to put forth more effort to keep their thoughts calm and positive. They often go through something called exposure therapy to help them realize that their negative thoughts and fears are not true.
           Exposure therapy can teach us all a good lesson. They talk through the fear first. What would happen if your worst fear came true? Then when they are ready, the therapist exposes them to their fear. After they sit in their anxiety they prove the tape in their mind wrong and are empowered!
          There is a lesson there for all of us! You have to question that voice in your head. Does it really tell the truth? Where is it coming from? Is it your thoughts about yourself? Maybe you have decided that you can't dance. So the little voice in your head reminds you before you have a chance to dance with a guy you like. Maybe the devil wants to spread suffering so he whispers lies to you that you are ugly. Or maybe God is trying to speak to you. Maybe He is telling you that you need to overcome this fear so you can do what you are called to do. What he has put you on this earth to accomplish may be revealed if you can only learn to listen!

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