Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Febuary's Word of the Month: ABILITY

          I have decided to go through the dictionary alphabetically. I will chose one word a month that I feel has power and significance in my life. This month I have chose the word ABILITY!
         ABILITY means, "The power to do something. A skill or talent." This word is powerful! It literally means power! You have the ABILITY to do great things in this life! What sort of things do you chose to do? You have the ABILITY to live a life of significance!
          It is my personal belief that God gave everyone a specific set of ABILITIES so that they could fufill a divine purpose in this life! I believe that you should not dwell on skills you lack. Everything you need to succeed is within you. Instead I believe we should focus on our strongest ABILITIES and fufilling our purpose!
          What do you, my readers, consider to be some of your ABILITIES? Do you have a special talent? Can you sing or draw? Are you a poet? Maybe you can dance or act..I love to write! Do you have dreams of doing something with those ABILITIES?
          Remember ABILITY means power! So speak your ABILITIES boldly! Then watch as both you and your ABILITIES grow!

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