Sunday, August 12, 2012

July Word of the Month: AFFECT

          This word has power because it is your power. AFFECT means to influence or change or to touch the emotions of something. You can control you attitude and your actions. You can AFFECT them. Likewise you can AFFECT people around you. You can influence them by your attitude and actions. You can AFFECT what type of things happen to you. When you sow good actions you reap good reactions from others. This translates into opportunities and even material gains.
          I have talked many times about speaking thing into existence. You can speak how you feel about yourself and different situations. You can use your words to change your attitude. Your words AFFECT your thought process and with that, your emotions. The way you feel AFFECTS the way that you act. The way you act AFFECTS the way others perceive you.  The way others see you gives you influence over them. If you have a positive influence over them, you have power to AFFECT them.
          When you sow good seed, do good things, and stay positive you AFFECT the world around you. You start to attract good things and new opportunities. For example, your boss and other co-workers watch how you treat people at work. If you are good to a co-worker your boss may see you as a possible canidate for a management job. Or if you donate to American Cancer Society you might later receive a kidney when you need it. Sometimes you sow seed in one area of your life and reap a harvest in a different area. Maybe you help a friend with a place to stay while he is broke and laid off. However, maybe you reap a harvest by being blessed with a healthy family.
          So the next time that you feel stuck in a situation that makes you unhappy, look at the situation again. Maybe your actions can AFFECT it. If not you can always change you attitude about it. Lastly, maybe you aren't as stuck as you think. Maybe you are being pushed to move in another direction that you can't see yet. Remember AFFECT also means to change...

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