Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Word of the Month: FREE/FREEDOM

          The word FREE has many definitions. Some are based off a positive thought process and others off a negative one. FREE is often thought of and defined as, "Costing nothing. Not occupied or used. To disengage." There really is not such a thing as something for nothing! The truth is even gifts cost the giver something. When most people say something is FREE, they mean it didn't cost them anything! This is a selfish and ungrateful way to look at the world! It can be a dangerous way as well. It can lead to an entitlement attitude. (  ) People also often think of the word FREE in a patriotic sense. It means we have rights and live in a democracy. But the word FREE should hold a much greater significance. The word FREE is also defined as, "Not bound or constrained. Not under obligation or necessity. Not affected by a given condition or circumstance. To rid of or release." If you have financial FREEDOM and believe in God you will have this type of FREEDOM. When you have enough money to be financially FREE you don't have a job. FREEDOM from a job means you are not under obligation to do what a boss says to do. You don't have a necessity to go to work to earn a living. Financial FREEDOM and faith in God give you the confidence to overcome circumstances! These two FREEDOMS release most of our daily stress and leave us FREE to pursue our dreams!

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