Friday, September 12, 2014

You can build him up or tear him down!

          Ladies do you know how powerful you are? Did you know you can control your man simply by speaking to him?! I can hear some of you now,"Girl, you are crazy! I can't get that man to do a thing I ask!" But in truth you can! You have a tremendous power over your man just through your words!
          Men have a strong desire to feel like a "Man!" They want to be good providers! They want to be loved and valued! Your words can make them feel that way. If they have this feeling they will move Heaven and Earth for you! So don't nag them! Don't talk bad about them to your girlfriends! Praise them for what they do right! Earnestly thank them for the awesome things they do! They will do even more! Your words can build them up or tear them down! So if your boyfriend or husband is not acting like you want or like he cares, step back. Start listening to how you speak to him. Watch his facial expressions! If you are tearing him down, apologize. Remember the man you first met and start building him back up! Be his biggest fan and best friend! Remember, your words MATTER!

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